How to Check Orbi Router Firmware Version

Orbi routers are manufactured by Netgear Nighthawk app download . Firmware is an essential software to run the device effectively. I have shared the steps to check Orbi’s Firmware version manually. If you found any issue or stuck at any step you can contact the Technical Support Team at +1-844-854-6817 Toll-Free Phone Number.

Manually Check Current Firmware Version of Orbi Router

The following are the steps to check the current version of your Orbi Wifi Router. Please note these will only resemble if you have Netgear Nighthawk app Orbi router. I will soon be going to update the article on other manufacturers and models on this website.

Step 1. You need to connect your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile to your Orbi router’s Wifi

Step 2. After connecting with Wifi open web browser in your connected device

Step 3. Copy-paste this URL in the address bar of your web browser

Step 4. Enter username and password of Orbi router login

Note: Don’t remember the username and password. Do not need to worry call at +1-844-854-6817 toll-free and set a new username/password.

Step 5. Once you are able to login to your Orbi router click on Advanced > Administration > Firmware Update

Step 6. The Firmware update page displays and shows the current version of your Orbi Router.

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