How to Setup Orbi AC3000 Router

Orbi AC3000 setup and creating mesh Wifi is possible and easy. Contact Orbi Support @ +1-844-854-6817 . The Orbi technical team can help on the call to swiftly setup Orbi AC3000.

But if you want to give a try own your than no problem. Nighthawk app I have shared steps below in this article which will help you to setup of Orbi AC3000 router. So, let’s get started now.

Setup Orbi AC3000 with App

There are other ways to setup AC3000 WiF router, but here I am going to provide the steps to setup Orb router using app. The steps are simple and easy to follow. There is no tremendous technical information required on your part to this task actually. Let me illustrate to you how this is going to be done in an easy way.

Manual to setup AC3000 router using an app:

  1. Download the ORBI app. You can download the app from Google play store if you are using Android and if you inspired by Steve Jobs than you must have iPhone Right? I got you. For iPhone download ORBI app from app store.
  2. Once app is downloaded Sign in or create a new account if you don’t have any.
    Click on “Get Started”
  3. Enter valid email address
  4. Enter Password. Make sure you do not use “123456789” that is a guess. And do not even try to use your
  5. Wife name as password, A person who is not acquainted with technology can easily guest that.
  6. Now click on “Log In”
  7. Once you are logged in, the app will ask you “Do you want to install a new NETGEAR product?”
  8. Click Yes
  9. Now it is essential you allow camera access to Orbi app otherwise this will not perform the setup of Orbi AC3000.
  10. Scan the QR code on the router
  11. Click next
  12. Now Plug the ethernet cable into yellow RJ45 connecter on the back of the ORBI AC3000 router and turn it on
  13. Once connected the Orbi router will search for satellites.
  14. Once the connection is established Orbi router glow blue light
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Word on Orbi AC3000 Setup

So, that’s so all to setup Orbi AC300. If you face any issue at any step given above you can Nighthawk app download contact the Orbi support team at +1-844-854-6817 the toll-free phone.

There are some troubleshooting steps that can help you once the Orbi router start working but I don’t want you to bore with another paragraph of plodding steps. So, I will publish that soon, till then if you face any issue you can contact the Orbi technical support team.

I have shared their contact phone number above. Don’t worry that phone number is toll-free

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